Carol has 25+ years of professional experience in a variety of industries and organizations.  She started her career as a process engineer in manufacturing facilities, working her way up into supervision where she supervised people in multiple factories both domestically and internationally.  During this time she realized her passion was to help other learn to do their jobs better, so she moved into Training and Development.  To be able to better serve those she works with she has become a certified coach specializing in helping professionals develop their leadership skills.

As a coach and trainer, Carol will help you clearly identify the areas you want to improve, gather ideas to improve your skills and performance, test new methods to find the best tools for you, and help you learn to adjust and redirect your actions to create sustained excellence.

What People Say

“Coaching with Carol was a wonderful journey of clarifying and taking concrete and productive steps toward reaching my dream.  Carol has a unique approach to getting me to dig deep and really get at what obstacles I must overcome to reach my goal.  She shines when it comes to helping me strategise, find the courage and take action!  Everything I want to do IS attainable, and I thank you Carol for helping me to know this with conviction!”

 Helena W., Waterloo, Canada

I have never worked with a Coach before and I found my experience and results with Carol to be of great value to me.  I have always wanted to have my own business but was blocked by fears, anxiety and having a sound plan I felt confident with.  She provided the kind of coaching that resulted in a high confidence level, a plan for success which offers flexibility for growth, and amazingly, all my dreams are now coming true.  She is a great person who truly cares and has been a joy to work with.” 

Gerri B., New York

“Carol is a fantastic listener and has a gift for asking powerful questions and uncovering the truth. She helped me remove some mental barriers which were in the way so I could define and accomplish my goals. Through her methodical approach, Carol brought clarity and perspective to living my life in balance. She helped me discover my values and define my goals. I feel much happier and inspired knowing that my shift to a different career is within reach. Now I am very excited to start my new professional life! This is an accomplishment I feel most proud of. I am so fortunate to have found Carol!”

Kerry C., Florida

Let’s build something together.

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